Hey Betsy there really is a bear in my school!

Awhile back another teacher came into the library with a grin on her face, so I knew she was up to something. She had that I am trying to be calm, but really excited vibe radiating out of her. In her hands were little signs that seemed a bit out of place. As I think everyone knows our new secretary of education had an insightful comment on guns, bears and schools. My friend was please to report that we indeed did have a bear in our school and she was looking for someone to help her capture evidence of this creature.

My school is only 1.6 years old and here we have themed hallways. It just so happens first grade is called the forrest and the walls were recently covered with animals – everything from geese to deer and yes a rather large bear. The first grade hall also has trees and mirrors. I wonder what Betsy really thought when she saw her viral video self talking about bears and schools.



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