The Giant Squid are coming!

Over twenty years ago I learned the art of visiting author promotion from Colleen Holt, the community relations coordinator from the long lost Borders Books and Music at Bailey’s Crossroads. She is a refined lady, but you would want her scrappy spirit on your team if you were on survivor island. Her secrets basically boil down to “go big” and “strive to include food.” Since we are not allowed to feed our kids at our school, I have focused on going big. On April 4th we have the wonderful Candace Fleming coming to our school. One of her two newest books is the nonfiction Giant Squid that is illustrated by her talented husband, Eric Rohmann. I am fortunate to have an artistic library volunteer who helped make my vision of a giant squid come alive. We had to settle for one that is twenty five feet long, instead the record forty  three feet. To help hype things, I also am having a maker challenge for students to make something out of recycled materials inspired by one more of her over thirty books. The top creation for k-2 and 3-5 earn their very own squid hat. I find it fascinating that this creature is one of the largest animals on the planet, yet we know so little about it. It was video taped for the first time in 2006. There is no official video evidence but scientist suspect that giant squid battle sperm whales. It seems that the giant squid often loses the fight due to the thousands of giant squid beaks (mouths) found in the stomachs of sperm whales.



  1. John, first of all, welcome to the SOL Writing Community! You will quickly learn that this is a supportive and encourage home of teacher-librarian-writers!

    Wow! Look at that wall of windows and THAT squid! It’s amazing! I know Candace will but squealing with squid delight! I look forward to hearing more about the maker challenge too!

    Happy reading, creating, and writing right here!


  2. I love the squid!!!! I didn’t realize before your post that the Giant Squid is a specific type of squid…I thought they just lived in the lake at Hogwarts! Thanks for teaching me!


  3. Reading this makes me feel very lucky to work at your school!! I can’t wait for this author visit. I loved how you described your co-worker at Borders as someone you’d want with you on Surviver! So glad you are blogging!!


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