An Unrequested Waze Challenge?

  • March 4, 2017 – Arlington Virginia
  • Going to be late – again.
  • Need to be there by 9:30.
  • Grabbed my bag, throw in my journal, some pens and open the door.
  • Man it is cold outside.
  • Who would believe it was 80 degrees a couple of days ago.
  • Maybe I need a scarf?
  • Maybe I don’t. Maybe I do.
  • Whatever..
  • Lock the front door and go go go…
  • With keys in hand encounter a strange blue ink-stained hand.
  • Early prep work for an audition with the Blue Man Group?
  • No!
  • On way to final day long retreat for my year of living mindfully meditation program
  • What the….I do not need this now.
  • This is not happening
  • Open the door, wash the hand
  • Find the leaky suspected pen, purge, clean other pens, get new bag, throw in items
  • In car – finally
  • It smells of three Italian Store pizza boxes delivered to my sister’s last night
  • Waze set – Carderock, Maryland – says 9:45 arrivial
  • The challenge to beat this time is accepted
  • Traffic starts off well
  • Thanks you Panera rapid pick up! – it really was rapid – lunch is ready – time 9:46
  • Strive to manifest green lights – time 9:42
  • Maintain self control and speed limit on THAT section of route 7
  • Where they always ticket
  • Route 66 – on beltway – over bridge – hello Maryland
  • Hello traffic
  • There is my exit
  • There goes my exit – time 9:52
  • Breathe – no blood – nobody died
  • Trust in Waze – loop back around
  • Find new exit that spits into two
  • Take wrong branch – time 9:58
  • Laugh this could not of been worse
  • Arrive 10:02
  • Waze wins – I am alive
  • They are just getting started
  • Amazing day. Amazing people. Gratitude.
  • Arrive home to a sea of hooded daffadils and chorus of purple crocuses.
  • Ink stains still under my nails
  • I have no issues
  • Life is funny
  • Life is good
  • Hello nap




  1. Life is funny…I laughed all through this. Life is ups and downs and we get to choose how to respond. I like how you respond, even when the unexpected pen explodes!! I love how the feeling we all have when running late comes through so clearly in your writing. Adding the time and the waze updates makes it feel as if I was in realtime with you!


  2. Love the format too. We use Waze on family trips, but didn’t realize there were challenges like this! Will have to find out more before our next driving trip!


  3. The format drove the story’s frantic pace. I have never heard of Waze, but guess it is a mapping app. I love the idea that you take the estimated time of arrival as a game and try to beat it. I have a brother-in-law who drives his electric car as if it is a game, trying to gage his battery life, extend the possible trip by coasting, etc.


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