SOL 13 – Manifesting Snow?

Screen Shot 2017-03-12 at 9.47.59 PMMy friend Cate from the Berkshire mountains in western Massachusetts texted me last week. I am coming down to visit, does Wednesday work? She is starting a new job in a couple weeks and I am on her way to the warmth of Myrtle Beach. My inside voice says I am working but I would love to see you. She is a low stress person in my life, who has a great sense of humor and a good ear. I ended up telling her she couldn’t come unless she brought snow. Wow –  who knew manifestation powers were so awesome?  According to the news it looks like on Monday night we will be getting four to eight inches of snow that could grow to ten inches in some areas. Cate and her dog ended up driving down today ahead of the pending snow storm. If it all goes according to my plan, starting on Tuesday I will have one, two – dare I say three snow days. There will be plenty of time to catch up with Cate. I am grateful I live a walking distance to a grocery store, restaurants and a movie theater. For most snow storms they do a decent job with the main roads, but the side streets that the school buses take often cause issues. In my neck of the woods outside DC, we are rather wimpy folk when it comes to snow. A fact I am proud to admit. I do love my job, but I really love a snow day.

Am I more excited about the snow or that Cate is visiting? Must I answer that question? Cate and I first met around three and a half years ago at the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health. I was there for six months as part of my year-long unpaid sabbatical. We were two of around fifty volunteers who worked in a variety of departments. Cate and I were in the production department. Together with about ten of our fellow volunteers we gathered, set up and broke down materials and equipment for a wide variety of programs four days a week. It was crazy but also fun. It was a great atmosphere to be reflective, and have some growth.

This afternoon after she got here and her dog Bodie was aquainted to my house, we went hiking on the Donaldson Trail which is near Potomac Overlook Park. It is a very wooded trail that zig-zags across a creek that eventually leads out to the Potomac River. It was cool, crisp, sunny – beautiful. I felt like we were back in the Berkshires except without the snow. We shall see if Monday night really does bring good things.

(While hiking I ran into only one fourth grader I know and his parents)



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