SOL 15 – Asheville NC?

Screen Shot 2017-03-14 at 10.09.21 PMI was first formally introduced to meditation when I was in my twenties living and attempting to save part of the world in New York City.  I didn’t quite get it then and often just fell back asleep most mornings. I have discovered over the years, if I do not learn something well enough I am supposed to learn, it keeps coming back to me. This can range from anything from my angst over multiplying fractions to how to deal with certain “growth opportunity” types of people in my life. It also happened with meditation. At this point I am pleased to report it has been flowing well for a number of years.

As part of my journey with meditation I have learned many things. It is important to slow down and listen to others and my own body.  It is helpful to pause before speaking. Most times people just want to be heard and don’t want me to solve their problem. It is also interesting how I now notice things more; people, place and things seem to pop up in my life repeatedly in conversations with strangers or something I just so happened to read. This is how I figured out what I wanted to do on my sabbatical a few years back. Something would pop up and I would then take a closer look. It is also how I ended up at my new school in a new district.  I even explain this process in my interview for my present job – “I think I am supposed to be here.”

One place that consistently seems to be popping up for me now is Asheville, North Carolina. I feel called to go there. I know that might seem a little strange to some. The woman who gave me a massage has a daughter who just moved there, a guy I met camping in New York state is from there, my math specialist has family there…. Even yesterday I just learned my friend from Massachusetts use to live just outside of Asheville and knows a bunch of people still there. Twenty minutes later, I have an email list of links with things to do and see from her real estate friend. It just happens and flows together.

In April I am going to Asheville with four friends this spring break. One pair is exploring it as a place to eventually retire. I am striving to be open to the possibilities. We shall see…



  1. Enjoy the trip. There is another town nearby that is supposed to be the up & coming Asheville. Of course I forget its name. And since you are going to Asheville remember, “you can’t go home again”.
    You are definitely on the right path.


  2. How bold and brave, to be a LISTENER… which is leading you to be an explorer, too. Now I’m hoping your spring break is in March, so we can learn what happens in future slices 🙂


  3. Will you be striving, or will you be looking at Asheville with beginner’s eyes? 🙂
    Loved your lead, and how you articulate showing up for the messages you are open to receiving thanks to your meditation practice. Best to you.

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  4. Wow! What an observation! Funny … just last year, we had 2 different family friends move to NC and one family to SC. Then we purchased a house last year and they were retiring to NC. I never thought of it as a calling to me … just that everyone else was going there. But now that you bring it up, maybe we need to head that way too … and soon! Enjoy!


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