SOL 17 – Squeeze

Just two poems for todayScreen Shot 2017-03-16 at 9.50.19 PM

Second one inspired by the book

Lemonade and Other Poems

Squeezed from a Single Word

by the talented Bob Raczka.


Long Day

Late night at school

Writing still to do

False starts

New idea

Find book

One word













I see

I rest

I rise





  1. I am full
    of false starts:

    true hearts
    breathe with
    broken parts.

    I always seem to start
    on the floor
    with these broken

    pulling the world
    back together
    with a personal map,
    a flow-chart.

    –Kevin (stealing a line from yours to make mine)

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  2. Both of your poems make me think about how writing helps me to clear my thinking. “Resilient” put me right back in the classroom (high school English). As teachers we need to be resilient to cope with the late nights and the false starts and the sometime sneers. Love that you made me remember today.


  3. I love the triple line ending your second poem. The repetition and journey they take together is inspiring and a definite reflection of the meaning of your word.


  4. I love when poets create! Poetry can be more difficult to craft than it appears. Your poems are delightful – one leads into the next. And you were still resilient and wrote!


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