SOL 21 – Newspaper

Screen Shot 2017-03-19 at 10.50.32 AM.png

The newspaper has been on my neighbor’s front lawn
next to my drive way
for a few rainy days now.
This morning I grabbed it with the intent of recycling it,
but I take it inside instead.

After taking off the plastic bag,
I am surprised it is still completely dry
and even more surprised it is the Tuesday and the Wednesday paper.

I place them on the table in preparation for a feast of words and pictures.
Quickly I get my bowl and spoon to relive a childhood memory.
However instead of skipping to the comics, I take it all in for a minute.

The front-page headlines are already old news,
so I skip to the Style section.
Articles about the recently departed Amy Krouse Rosenthal’s OK Book
and that TV show I have heard buzz about, This is US.

I don’t own a TV.
Instead I watch things online.
To be honest I do not watch much.
It has easily been a month since I have watched anything.

Am I missing out?
Can I watch it online?
Am I OK with whatever?

I use to be such a TV kid.
I use to get the newspaper daily.
I use to get the newspaper only on Sunday.

Now I read it online
Am I missing out?





  1. If you’re missing out, I am right there with you. I feel out of the loop at lunch sometimes, but I just don’t have a desire to really watch much of anything. I manage to stay occupied though.
    You probably do too. 🙂

    Hope your neighbor is okay!


  2. Are you missing out? I read the NY Times on my iPad every morning. But I savor the Sunday Times as a delivery. It takes me most of the day to read it. Then I work on the puzzle. TV … I don’t know. I don’t watch it much either, but I do have some favorite shows. This Is Us is one of them. If you decide to watch it, make sure to start from episode one; otherwise, it won’t make much sense to you.
    Is your neighbor on vacation?


  3. I still have the local paper delivered six days a week. I enjoy reading some of the paper in the morning over breakfast, and the rest when I get home from school. I don’t watch a lot of TV, but when I do it is on an actual TV not online. I guess I am old school.


  4. I get the NY Times on Sunday, online other times. I read some of my local paper online. I have a tv, but mostly for special stuff. Things really have changed. We had “sample” newspapers thrown a few weeks ago & I noticed some neighbors left them there for a long time. Maybe that’s what happened?


  5. Every time I visit your blog, it looks even more amazing! I keep telling myself that I’m going to fancy mine up a bit, but it’s been 4 years. Yours is inspiring:)


  6. I think with all the accessibility of everything online, I don’t think you are missing much. I think I read more articles now because they are shared on Twitter. Every once and awhile, I will pick up a paper and we even thought about ordering just the Sunday paper … my husband suggested it would be good for starting a fire in the fire pit. To each thier own, I guess.


  7. A simple answer – nope! We still get the paper because my daughter is a coach and needs box scores. If it wasn’t for that, we wouldn’t buy it. Cable TV I could do without, too. Give me a book or my computer and I am happy for hours!


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