SOL 24 – Library lines for 3, 4 & 5

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Welcome to the library party!
Say hello to bucket head.
Grab a shelf marker or Dewey helper.
Put any  last-minute returns on the green cart or give them to Ms. Wine with a smile.
Some battle books are in, you can now checkout two.
Battle books are for 4th and 5th graders.
Remember to be brave, curious and kind in the Discovery library.
Try something new.
Pick a book about someone who is different from you.
If you want to renew, pick out your new books and deal with it all at once.
No limit, it is how many books you think you can read in a week.
You can always come back any time during the week if you run out of books.
Who needs help?
Fiction or nonfiction?
Tell me a book you have loved?
Ok, tell me a book that you really liked?
Do you know the name of the book?
Have you seen it in our library before?
Do you know the Dewey number?
If it is not on the shelf, check the cart.
Follow the guide numbers on the shelves.
All the minecraft books are out.
Yes that one is listed as here in the catalog, but it is missing.
Only one Lego and Star Wars book at a time please.
The print copy is checked out, but we do have an e-book in MackinVIA.
You can download it to your ipad  with the app when you get back to your classroom.
Just a second while I help this person, follow me.
Check the catalog one the blue ipads on the table, ask again if you can not find it.
Yes we are open before school.
You can always put it on hold over there.
Why don’t you just checkout both, you can always put it in the cart in your classroom?
You have read all our zombie books, are you being curious?
No we do not have it, write down your book suggestion over there.
How about this one?
The series is amazing.
The cover is ugly, but the book is really good.
Yes I have ordered it, no it not in yet.
It is new.
Would you like to be the first to read it and let me know what you think?
More scary books?
I just got in more shark books.
Can you two show me how to properly use a shelf marker?
Why don’t you two split up and look for books on your own.
You have two minutes.
Those in checkout, line up your books so the bar codes are showing.
You have no books in your hand, what have you been doing all this time?
We have over 10,000 books and you can’t find one you like.
You have one minute.
Show me how to sit on the green carpeted steps.
Please face forward.
And now for a book to share.
Let us see if this really works.
If you hear my voice touch your nose.
If you hear my voice touch your chin.
If you hear my voice close your book and listen up.
My two friends in the back row close your book.
But first a brief reminder about the new maker challenge.
Author book order forms are due by Friday.
And now for a joke.
No I cannot promise it is a good one.
Ok time to line up to the left.
This pair of heads, this pair of noses, this pair of feet, this pair of eyes….
Does this sweatshirt belong to anyone?
Show me you are ready for the hallway.
My friend in the rear, face forward.
Close your book, I don’t want to fill out an accident report.
Be mindful of the other classes while in the hallway.
Now go be awesome.
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  1. My head was swirling with the questions and suggestions. Don’t know how you can handle it, and I’m sure some days you wonder too. Keep at it, these kids need direction and guidance and you’re doing a great job.


  2. Awesome! I can imagine each and every one. You said, “The cover is ugly, but the book is really good.” What is the worst cover of a good book? (There is one cover for ‘The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle’ this is horrid!)


  3. I love this and absolutely want to steal your idea!! I like that it shows your routine, and the liveliness of the students through a single perspective. I feel the whirlwind of library time, and get a real sense of place. (Of course it helps that I’ve experience these spiels a few times myself!) 🙂


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