SOL 26 – Cranky

Screen Shot 2017-03-25 at 9.11.31 PM

Long busy afternoon today
ended with some REI shopping
must take advantage of member discount weekend
must not get run over by tribe of small children
trying out new bicycles
blocking the exit

Small children
so cute
yet sometimes
so not cute
sometimes just perplexing

Reminds me of the start of school last year
new building, new students, new opportunities for growth
I now look back at it all fondly now
but there were moments

The construction angst alone
library books arrived mid September
library book shelves October
I am flexible
make it work

So I kicked off that year as a traveling book sales man
making the most of the bold new adventure
going class to class
1st graders, room 128, Ms. Cameron’s class

No adult size chair in view
made due with one fashioned out of bean bag chair in the window seat
children at my feet
bracing themselves for a performance
of the penultimate Piggie and Elephant book
I Will Take A Nap
an epic saga in which Gerald the elephant
wisely decides to take a nap because he is very cranky
maybe I can learn something

I warm up with a group practice
of a high pitch Piggie voice
followed by a low pitched Gerald voice
Gerald proclaims he is cranky
I start, I pause, I stop
what is that heavy breathing sound?
I browse the room for a child with some sort of a medical device
did I scan the list of students with medical issues?
was there a list of students with medical issues?

Sounds is gone
I start again,
Gerald is still cranky
now Piggie is cranky too
the sound starts again
is a child having an asthma attack?
did they not sweep up the construction dust
from the overnight work?

Sound is gone
I read,
Piggie’s loud snoring is waking up Gerald in a dream
maybe it is all just a dream for me too
I can relate
the sound starts again
I pause, I stop, I ask
“what is that sound?”
“Oh that is just Darius’ cool new Darth Vader shoes,
they light up
and when you turn them sideways
they make a cool Darth Vader breathing sound.”
“Darius feet flat on the floor please,
Darth Vader needs a nap!”



  1. This is a great poem, and mixes your weekend life, your teaching life, and Gerald and Piggie all together! My son is a first grader and loves the Elephant and Piggie books. He just recently read me I Will Take a Nap! all by himself, with sound effects and great pride.


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