SOL 27 – Comedy Gold?

Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at 8.27.14 PM

“That is comedy gold!”
An actual quote from a third grader in Ms. Stoker’s class.

Who knew –
Why did the dog go into the forest?
To bark at the bark
– would get such a response last week?

I would not say it was typical of the whole class
but I will take what I can get.
I have been referring to this homophone type of joke
as more of an A-HH moment,
instead of a HA HA HA moment.

The range of what is funny
can sometimes varies widely
from kindergarten to fifth grade.
On occasion I have to give some background information
to the more youthful youth
before it is launched.

I am not exactly sure why this started,
but this year I have been ending every library class with a joke.
Before classes leave, they gather and sit on three green carpeted steps
near the exit double doors.

It could be that the joke book section (Dewey 817-818)
is the bottom shelf near these steps.
Maybe it is just me reliving a brief moment
from my youthful standup comedy days from California.

Last night I went to see a coworker of mine
perform at his graduation from a story telling workshop.
He bravely went first and told a heartfelt story
about a fight and how it impacted him and his two brothers

The last act was a young woman
telling tales of her mom warning her
not to do all the wild things she did in her youth.
She goes on to tell the story of her own lie
and spending the night with her boyfriend on an ill-fated road trip.
The highlights consisted of eating too many cookies
and holding each other in the dark.
It was more of a we are both scared moment than romantic one.
In the morning, some of the truth came out
and her mom was “disappointed.”
In her mind she wasn’t sure if this was
because her mom thought she had sex
or because her mom thought she hadn’t had sex.

In my mind she was clever and funny.
Her story was comedy gold.



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