SOL 28 – Calls to Quiet

Screen Shot 2017-03-28 at 9.24.48 PM

A raised flat hand
A single finger in front of a pair of lips
The peace symbol
The ding of a bell
The ching of a chime
An all knowing look
An announcement
A low voice
A whisper
The quiet coyote
The silent llama
A countdown
Praise for the already quiet
A call for listening ears
A hand rhyme
Stop, stand, smile and wait
A patterned clapping
A quick call and response
The lights turned off
A bellowed plea for silence
A position next to the final few
Names on the board
A tired sigh

I suspect educators of elementary students
could easily add to the list.
I have yet to work in a school
where noise in the hallway and cafeteria are not an issue.
At my present school,
we call it the dining commons.
I suspect the architect is a fan of British TV.

I see all the classes in my school
and the range of the classes is as different
as the personalities in each class.
Is it a reflection of the teacher
or just the makeup of the class?




  1. A combination of both, a need to make noise, too much quiet time, too much sitting still? The list of the reasons why are probably as long as the list of names to encouraged silence.


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