SOL 29 – llama

Screen Shot 2017-03-29 at 10.06.07 PM

I was talking to my brother
about my calls to silence writing
from yesterday
along with how my school is using the chimes
with responsive classroom.
He teachers fourth grade
and was only too happy to share one of the ways
he get his class to quiet down

It all starts with a silent llama
goes on to double llama
and through a series of llama sounding-ish phrases.
Each phrase comes with a specific hand gesture
that must be followed if you are going to get it right.
There is even one that is a reference to him
which highlights his shave head of hair.

He goes on to jokingly share
how he shames his students to get quiet
by having them point to the people who are talking.
This gave me a little pause
because it is not in keeping with the responsive classroom methods
I am striving for in my library.
I truely do believe there is more than one way to do something.
Some folks may not agree with him
but his class below seems to be having fun.
They have bonded well.


(video removed)

silent llama
double llama
big fat mamma llama
monster llama
barack obama llama
save the drama for your mama llama
pajama llama
mr. re llama
miss rojas llama…




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