SOL 30 – 2 books 2 librarians 2 minutes

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I have been pondering for much longer than I care to admit, the idea of creating a series of video book reviews to be featured on YouTube, a blog and elsewhere. As with many of my bold visions in life, I am sometimes lacking in the follow through. However, I have been actually making progress with this one. I am fortunate to work in a new school building with a very modern video studio. Of course I do not know how to work half the whistles and bells that are possible, but I am ok with that. I managed to get my new friend Amy, a nearby festive and insightful elementary school librarian, to help me with my new adventure.  The concept for all this is summed up in the title – 2 books, 2 librarians, 2 minutes. How original – I know. The goal is to only review books that we love and adore. We only feature two books, and manage to get it all done in under two minutes – well almost two minutes. Feel free to check out the video at the link. Not perfect, but I am fairly pleased with it all for a first attempt. Oh the joys of growth!

Here is the link to the video  Alas WordPress will only allow me to post it for around 3 bucks  month. I kept in our a bit before we officially started and some at the end. I think it adds a little bit of personality.

Draft of our script we quickly typed up before the video camera was turned on…

John in Black — Amy in Red
Hello and welcome to 2 books, 2 librarians, 2 minutes
Today we have 2 books to help inspire your writers.
I am Ms. Blaine and I am Mr. Re.

First up Ideas are All Around by Philip Stead
In this amazing book a man takes his playful dog named Wednesday for a walk around town
It may not sound exciting
But the everyday wonders that they discover on their journey are amazing
There is a mighty sunflower, a blue horse, a woolly mammoth and a shy turtle named frank. The book makes use of real photographs, collage and clean bold graphic images
It will inspire your students to put find plenty to write about…just by taking a walk

Next Up
Have you ever been in search of just the right word for your story
The Right Word Roget and his Thesaurus by Jenn Bryant and illustrated by Melissa Sweet
Is the perfect picture book biography
It details the extraordinary life of Peter Roget who at the age of 26 had already completed the first draft of his amazing book for writers.

It will guide students to take a closer look at the wonder of words and how they relate to writing. Do you know that Thesaurus means treasure-house in Greek
This treasure-house of a book will inspire you to bring more light to your writing
Whether it is a  glimmer, a shimmer or a shine

That is all for today – keep on reading – be awesome



  1. I think this is an excellent venture and one that you need to continue to pursue. Technology seems to be what others are interested in, so what better way to promote reading and writing. Great Job.


  2. I love this and love the catchy title. My students run our morning news and today I needed them to help me create a video for a contest. I still have no idea how to use the equipment but luckily they pulled through for me.


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