SOL 31 – Writers

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When it comes to fiction growing up,
I would say that John Irving was my favorite writer.
It all stems from stumbling across a copy of A Prayer for Owen Meany
as a teenager while in Chic’s Beach with family.
It was a nice thick book used to avoid relatives,
after experiencing a little too much togetherness.
It was one of the first books that make me laugh out loud
on more than one occasion.
I loved that the character’s had such detailed backstories
and all Owen’s word were in capital LETTERS
in an effort to capture some essence of his quirky voice.

When it comes to nonfiction,
I always go with Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott as my favorite.
She writes fiction too,
but it for me it does not have the same magic as her nonfiction.
While living in California,
I visited Stinson beach the place near where she grew up.
I just wanted to walk in the waters,
that I had often read about in her work.
I love how she is so real in her writing.
She has this ability to somehow to take a moment of angst
throw in a colorful word, add in some insight
mix it all up and come out with something funny and moving.

When it comes to writing for a month
I would have to say I have experienced a wide range of emotions.
Some of my pieces I adore, others not so much.
Some I fixated on more than I would like to admit.
I just had to make it better, capture a moment just right.
I am pleased with myself for finishing the race
or maybe I should just say for getting into the writing flow.
I really do see more stories all around.
I am feeling more reflective and open.

When it come to reading others’ writing.
More than a few inspired me
to try something new, to think differently.
Some very honest and real.



  1. Thanks for inspiring me and making me laugh which I love. The llamas are amazing. I shared your blog with our beleaguered librarian. I know you will continue to inspire her as well. I love Owen Meaney and Anne Lamott. My husband has a photo of me on Stinson Beach on his bedside table. Kindred souls.


  2. Congrats on writing all 31 days during this challenge. I’ve enjoyed reading your slices and learning from your experiences. It’s been a long time since I’ve read “A Prayer for Owen Meany” (and I don’t think I was trying to avoid relatives). Hope you’ll continue writing on Tuesdays.


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