SOL – Day 1 2018 – Shift then Enter


Screen Shot 2018-03-01 at 9.19.00 PM

Yikes – day 1
So much for that plan of planning ahead
and posting early in the morning
I did manage to find my blog from last year
I have that feeling
like I want to stay in bed and avoid the gym
but I know I will be glad afterwards
Even if a little sore

Just managed to work through slight WordPress angst
of how to avoid double spacing when I hit return
as if I have time for this now
Yeah Google search
The secret rediscovered is Shift then Enter
Makes me feel calmer

Maybe I need to shift then enter more in my life
I did manage to meditate this morning
but it seems all of my more mellow energy
has been spent by 8:37 pm
still need to pack for NYC
and see if the winds predicted for Friday
will blow my off some bridge

Shift and enter
Yet again
take a breath
it all works out



  1. I love the flow of this poem… it rushes and shares the “Yikes” moments in your day and then the end, the take a breath allows all to feel that.

    It’s like the best-laid plans. We think we know how we’re going to handle this challenge and then life happens.


  2. Hey there! Good to see you back. As always, your writing does not disappoint! I get the WordPress angst. I’ve been wanting to change my page format–it needs refreshing, but then I get scared. Have a great time in NYC! Share what you learn. I’m heading south instead for a baby shower – grandbaby #11!


  3. ‘Yikes’ – is what caught my eye because I was feeling the same way this morning. I did start a post early in the morning, but that really doesn’t help if you do not return to revise until late at night. I was wondering why my writing was double spacing, thanks for the tip. Love the rhythm of your piece. Safe travels.


  4. Hey, John! Poetry, yay!! I will be revising often!

    ..hadn’t heard of the Shift-Enter, but I do switch to HTML editor.. Plunks it down the way I like it!

    I had WP angst, too. Couldn’t decide what o wanted to focus on. Here’s to easier tomorrows!

    – Veronica

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  5. “…Shift and enter
    Yet again
    take a breath
    it all works out”

    What a lovely image for the process of re-entering the commitment to daily writing. I did not feel up to writing poetry on the first day, but hope to write at least a few over the month. I really enjoyed reading yours- and appreciate the tip for how to get rid of that annoying double space in WordPress.


  6. I feel like its a reunion. We’re getting the band back together for another March. I said yesterday, I was so much more prepared and planned out last year and this year is totally ‘seat of the pants’ so far. We’ll see where this takes us.


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