SOL Day 2 2018 – NYC Ramblings

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Today was a big wind day and school was canceled.
Not a huge deal for this librarian since
was already a day for parent teacher conferences.
I bravely – perhaps foolishly – I drove to NYC.

Every time I go to the city
I always pause and ask myself

if I could to live here again.
I first moved to NYC
when I was freshly 22
in late October
some years ago.

My earliest memories of NYC
are of visiting my dad’s folks

as a small child on west 28th street
in a very tall building.
I was fascinated by the garbage chute in the hallway,
the view of the busy street from way up high,
and the nerve of a cousin swiping frosting off a cake with a finger.

At 22 I arrived by train with with 2 large bags
and twelve blocks to walk.

I managed to hail my first cab.
When  I opened the door I was greeted
by the door on the other side opening
and a short fiesty woman
telling me to move – this was her cab.

We shall see what this adventure brings.


  1. I, too, moved to Manhattan when I was 22. I long to go back. (I moved away when I was 30.) However, I don’t think I could (a) afford it and (b) be truly happy now that I’ve grown accustom to the conveniences of suburban life.



  2. School cancelled for wind?? I miss living on the East Coast! 🙂 Hope you enjoyed your day. I haven’t been to NYC in such a long time. I used to love going to the city for the day with friends. But I don’t think I could ever live there.


  3. I enjoyed the structure of your piece a lot. It started with the present, slowly took us back in time and then began to move forward. Each of your memory stanzas kind of ended with something that seemed startling to you, that cousin swiping the frosting and that woman swiping the cab. Nice balance there! And your last line made me wonder what your present day adventure in NYC handed you!


  4. Growing up in a small town and still living in the country, I don’t think that living in a BIG city would be for me. Looking forward to reading more about your adventure.


  5. I like the structure of your memories, jumping from one to another quickly, as the mind does. And may I also say that it’s great to see another librarian doing the SOLSC!


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