SOL 20 – 2018 – News Team


At my school we are really spoiled with technology. We even have a dedicated room for a news/video studio with two, high-tech, very expensive cameras and all the additional whistles and bells one could and could not imagine. I have been elsewhere where the “studio” is a sad camera in a mixed storage room/small group instructional space.

Since we have all this joy  in our lives, we put on a daily news show to inform and celebrate what is going on in our building. This year we have three teams of fifth graders that rotate between prepping the news for the following week, being on air and having a week off to recover. The use of Googledocs makes all of this possible.

Each team has a folder that contains subfolders of the five days of the week. In each of these is a pre-news slideshow that plays before the news starts, a daily slide show that is used during the news with the help of a video mixer and finally the script. The script is formatted almost as a template for students just to fill in information. Words highlighted in blue are directions and words in yellow – names, dates, the weather – need to be updated. Each team has six to seven students on it and everyone has a role – anchor A, anchor B, weather, teleprompter, audio mixer, video mixer and back up.

I am very fortunate to have a couple of wonderful teachers that help me out and each of us is “captain” of a different crew. We create a prep-sheet that the students use when prepping the scripts and slides. Everyone is either responsible for a different day or all five prenews slideshows. Yes – I usually go back and “polish” as needed.

This was a major production to set this up the first year. However, it always amazes me that once the students get going, it tends to run on its own. As most teachers have discovered, my students have taught me a few technology tricks in order to improve our show.

(Below is an example of a script – the color highlights did not come through)

Jobs Anchor


Sound Computer

& Mixer





Camera Weather Friday Special helper & back Up
3/19 emily maggie allison kian ellie charlie kate


Blue – directions     Yellow – change                                                 Monday

(Anchor A) Good Morning Discovery Explorers!

Hello it’s  news team one with the news that’s fun! I am Emily___ and I am Kian, Happy Monday Explorers!!!!, – Today is, March 19 th 2018, Today is the 120th day of an awesome school year!

Congrats to our very own fifth grade for putting on the musical play Peter Pan.  Also a huge thanks to Ms. Walker and Ms. Krupa for all their amazing efforts. If you see any of the 85 or so 5th graders who participated in making the play happen – be sure to give them a big thumbs up.

The fun never stops here at Discovery

As you know Author Zachariah O’Hora will be here tomorrow. Are you lemmings –  I mean students ready? As most of you probably already have seen, the characters from Read the Book Lemmings have arrived outside the Library. If you get a chance today – maybe you class can come up with some good questions to ask Zachariah about writing a story, drawing characters and coming up with good ideas.


It is also national women’s month. Today we will be focusing on cuban ballet Alicia Alonso. She became a prima ballerina and known around the world for her dancing talents. She was partially blind and as she grew she learned to  overcome this challenge to become one of the best. To learn more about her – you might want to checkout the book about her from the library biography section.


And Now we will have Kate _with our weather report
(weather) Thanks Emily Today’s weather will have a high 52 and a low of 36. Sunday was a beautiful almost spring like day – today it will be mostly cloudy with some rain later today — there is a possibility on Tuesday of snow mixing in with the rain – so be sure to check your local weather station for updates Now back to _Emily___

Thanks __Kate_Next up we have _Kian

Thanks Emily hello I am Kian

(Anchor B)  


On this day in 1918 – daylight savings time started – also in this day they established  our time zones — I wonder what people did before all this?
On Thursday we are excited to have our annual fourth grade poetry slam. They will not just read poems but they will perform their poems with gusto. It is sure to be a fun afternoon. Go fourth graders! This is taking place in the library.
Today Ms Klanderman, Ms. Spierto, Ms, Barnes, Ms. Clourious, Ms. Clark and Mr. Steins classes will be coming to the library. If anyone in any class has library books to return – please have your classroom librarians put them on the green cart outside the lower library entrance after the announcements this morning. Thank you and keep on reading!

And now please stand for the Pledge (Pause 5 seconds)

I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

Please be seated for a moment of silence (5 full breaths/wait 30 seconds)

That’s all folks —– Thanks for being wonderful listeners

have a tremendous day, don’t forget to smile in the hallways, and remember CARES equals kindness! Bye!




  1. Thanks for taking me back to a morning at Discovery by adding the script! As I read your post, I’m reminded of the quote about when given lots, comes greater responsibility. As I read your description of your rich set-up, I can truly see how you take your responsibility seriously and set the 5th graders up well to give back strongly to their school community. Go Explorers!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Is it live streamed? We have our 5th graders in teams of two reading the announcements over the PA system, but this sounds so much better (harder for the teachers and the kids involved I am sure though). Thanks for sharing the script- it makes it sound a bit more achievable!


  3. Wow! I didn’t follow all the planning details, but you sure are teaching your students great lessons in procedure and systems needed to make this show happen day after day. Very impressive, as was the script! Informative, also piqued curiosity. Love the lemmings…students line! What a powerful experience for them.


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